Adventure Club
WEDNESDAY: (6 WKS)   Developmental age 5-10 
Co-Leaders:  Shannon Guiley, MPT
Stacey Creech, COTA/L
Adventure Club will combine your child’s love for sports, nature, creativity and challenges.  Each day will bring a different challenge, either in the barn, meadow, woods, or on hikes.   Our physical and occupational therapists will help your child stretch their gross motor skills through a “just right challenge” to meet their individual needs.  Child must function without an aide.

Barn Buddies
JUNE 14-18 (MON – FRI)           Ages 4-10
Co-Leaders:  Stacey Creech, COTA/L
 Sara Haynes, Recreational therapist
A weeklong social skills group for autism spectrum disorder/social communication disorder with an emphasis on having old-fashioned fun!  Enjoy activities with the farm animals, horticulture, and nature while nurturing interaction skills with peers.  (All campers will have a 1X1 “buddy” that will support their participation)

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Creative Kids & Critters
TUESDAY: (6 WKS)     Developmental age 5-10
Co-Leaders:  Stacey Creech, COTA/L
 Beth Pool, Educator/Choir director
Music and art provide so many amazing therapy opportunities.  Painting, sculpting, crafts, singing, and musical instruments are a fun way to build fine motor and language skills.  We invite your child to create and sing, bringing out their inner artist.  Our art projects will be inspired by our critters.  

Summer Programs

Tiny Talkers
JUNE 7-11 (MON – FRI)              Ages 4-10
Co-Leaders:  Michele Gething, CCC/SLP

 Beth Pool, Educator
A speech enrichment group for language delays.  Enjoy activities with the farm animals, nature, and arts and crafts activities.  Social language situations and activities for the children will be provided to further improve communication skills in a natural environment.  -  911 West Main St.    Eaton, OH  45320  -  Phone   937.456.6505   Fax   937.456.6507

Fun with Friends
THURSDAY: (6 WEEKS)                 Ages 7-10
Co-Leaders:  Stacey Creech, COTA/L

  Michele Gething, CCC/SLP
Join us for fun and exploration with animals and nature as our children learn and strengthen their social skills through active play.  This class is designed to help children engage and verbally interact with their peers through structured facilitation by our therapists.  Child must function without an aide.

Power Up Preschoolers
MONDAY: (6 WKS)                 Ages 3-5
Co-Leaders:  Michele Gething, CCC/SLP
  Jodi Vogel, OTD OTR/L,  Shannon Guiley MPT
Play is a child's job.  Come play outdoors and with the animals, while working on the skills needed for kindergarten.  This group is designed to incorporate all the base skills necessary to assist in powering up your preschooler for the transition to kindergarten.  We will highlight fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, and expressive/receptive language skills, with handouts for home follow through.