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Agency Subcontracting
In-service Programs
Summer Day-Camp
Hippotherapy Sessions

Therapeutic Listening 

Speech/Language Therapy

Developmental Language
Speech Production
Language Processing Disorders
Feeding and Swallowing
Oral Motor / Talk Tools
Social Language
Auditory Processing

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Services Provided


Diagnoses of Clients

Cerebral Palsy
Spina Bifida
Down Syndrome
Motor Delay
Developmental Delay
Neurological Disease
Neurological Trauma
Learning Disabilities
Language Delays

Physical Therapy

Developmental motor assessments
Gross motor skill development
Motor planning development
Gait training
Functional mobility training
Developmental biomechanics

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Occupational Therapy

Hand and Fine Motor Skills
Functional Motor Skills/Coordination
Self-Care and Daily Living Skills
Visual-Motor and Perceptual Skills
Sensory Integration/Processing
Social and Behavioral Effects of Physical/
    Developmental Disability