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Services Provided

Common Diagnoses of Clients

Cerebral Palsy - Spina Bifida - Autism/PDD - Down Syndrome - Motor Delay - ADHD - Developmental Delay - Neurological Disease - Neurological Trauma - Learning Disabilities - Language Delays  -  911 West Main St.    Eaton, OH  45320  -  Phone   937.456.6505   Fax   937.456.6507

Occupational Therapy

Hand and Fine Motor Skills
Functional Motor Skills/Coordination
Self-Care and Daily Living Skills
Visual-Motor and Perceptual Skills
Sensory Integration/Processing
Social and Behavioral Effects of Physical/
    Developmental Disability

Physical Therapy

Developmental motor assessments
Gross motor skill development
Motor planning development
Gait training
Functional mobility training
Developmental biomechanics

Other Services 

Agency Subcontracting
In-service Programs
Summer Programs

Therapeutic Listening 

Speech/Language Therapy

Developmental Language
Speech Production
Language Processing Disorders
Feeding and Swallowing
Oral Motor / Talk Tools
Social Language
Auditory Processing